Karakal XL-Tec 150


Karakal XL-Tec 150

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With 4 Nano Graphite nodes to stiffen and strengthen its Nanolite Titanium Gel frame, the Karakal XL-Tec 150 is a big hit with serious players.

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Con 4 nodi Nano Graphite per irrigidire il suo telaio in Nanolite Titanium Gel, la Karakul XL-Tec 150 è una big per giocatori seri.


  • 150gram frame weight
  • Nanolite Titanium Gel
  • 4 Nano Graphite Nodes to Stiffen & Strengthen the Frame
  • Mini Muscle on outside of frame
  • Built in frame Anti Vibration Dampener
  • Midplus Head 480cm2
  • Flared Throat area
  • Inverted Muscle system on side 'A' Power Shaft to reduce torque
  • Full Racket Cover
  • Fitted with the Worlds No. 1 PU Super grip!
  • 375mm Balance Point